Learn Russian with us. Red Kalinka is the largest Russian school in the world.


Learn Russian with us. Red Kalinka is the largest school of Russian in the world. We have all you need to learn.Here you’ll find ONE-to-ONE LESSONS   VIDEO LESSONS   BOOKS , educational applications for your telephone, downloadable learning materials...

Products to learn Russian from Red Kalinka


Books to learn Russian

Learn Russian with our books. At redkalinka.com are creating a library for students of the Russian language. Here you will find audio books, exercise books and other learning materials to improve your Russian. For very little money you will have the chance to learn with exclusive books.

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Online Russian lessons

Online Russian lessons

Choose how you want to learn Russian with us: one-to-one lessons or video lessons. In either case, you will be learning from home with the best Russian school in the world.

One-to-One Lessons

Video Lessons + Tutor

Applications for your telephone to learn Russian

App to learn Russian

If you are learning Russian, you need this. Download our app and learn Russian with your phone or tablet.

IOS App to learn Russian Android App to learn Russian


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