Learn Russian with us. Red Kalinka is the largest Russian school in the world.


Learn Russian with us. Red Kalinka is the largest school of Russian in the world. We have all you need to learn.Here you’ll find ONE-to-ONE LESSONS   VIDEO LESSONS   BOOKS , educational applications for your telephone, downloadable learning materials...

RUSSIAN VIDEO COURSE with personal tutor

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Do you want to learn Russian from home with a personal tutor? After teaching over 100.000 private lessons, we have used our experience to develop this method to learn Russian. You will start from zero and you'll reach a vocabulary of 2000 words.

You will have unlimited access to 140 videos (each video lasting 30 minutes), 350 pages of learning materials (vocabulary lists, texts, dialogues, grammar tables and exercises) and more than 200 audio recordings. You will also have a personal tutor to answer all of your questions via email.

Puedes ver o repasar las clases cuando quieras


Any time you have a question while learning, just write your personal tutor. Within 24 hours you will receive a detailed answer, so you can understand everything and move forward.


Watch easy and clear explanations of each lesson (30 min. each video).

Vocabulary, grammar tables, texts and dialogues:

  • 350 pages of exclusive learning materials
  • 150 grammar tables
  • Hundreds of exercises with solutions

Texts and dialogues with professional audio. Practice your listening skills!

Get answers to all your questions.

Learn Russian with all your senses

What learning method do you prefer? Reading texts? Maybe watching videos? Listening to audio? When you enroll on any of our courses, you will have access to everything you need:

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Our method

exclusive to learn Russian

Don't try to learn Russian in a school that uses the same method, regardless of the language they teach (English, Spanish, Russian,...). We have taught over 100.000 lessons and we know that to teach Russian, it is necessary to apply an exclusive method.

Try our courses and use Russian from the first day. Starting from easy situations, you will gradually improve your grammar and vocabulary. Try it and you will notice the results.


Do you want to see what our videos look like? Please have a look at the sample below:


Click the button below and register. Within 24 hours you will have access to the videos and learning materials.

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Why learning with us?

We teach only Russian::

Other language schools often spend more than 90% of their time teaching other languages: (Spanish, English, German, French, ...). At Red Kalinka we use 100% of our time to teach Russian. We are experts and you’ll see it.

We teach only Russian:


We have been teaching Russian for many years. During this time, we have taught thousands of lessons to students from over 90 countries. In addition, more than 1,000,000 visitors are a proof of the quality of our learning materials.


We create our own learning materials

We know what you need to learn Russian. With us you will enjoy a huge variety of exclusive learning materials: courses, learning materials, video lessons, audio books...

We create our own learning materials
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