Learn Russian with us. Red Kalinka is the largest Russian school in the world.


Learn Russian with us. Red Kalinka is the largest school of Russian in the world. We have all you need to learn.Here you’ll find ONE-to-ONE LESSONS   VIDEO LESSONS   BOOKS , educational applications for your telephone, downloadable learning materials...

Books to learn Russian

Books with audio Exercise books Why us?

Learn Russian with our books. At redkalinka.com  we are creating a library for students of Russian language. Here you will find audio books, exercise books and other learning materials to improve your Russian. For very little money you will have the chance to learn with exclusive books.

Books for Russian students
Books with audio

Stories in easy Russian with audio

Stories written in easy to Russian + English translation + audio

Description: Each book is written in easy Russian, with the English translation and high quality audio. The books are graded by level. In addition, all Russian words include stress marks for easier reading.

What will I learn? You will practice your reading skills of Russian language with stories which are both entertaining and easy to understand. Thanks to the audio in Russian and the English translation, you will learn new words more easily.

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Exercise books

Exercise books to learn Russian

Choose the topic you want to practice: explanations + exercises + solutions

Description: Learn at your own pace with these books classified by subject (grammatical cases, motion verbs, perfective-imperfective verbs, etc..). For each topic you will find a brief explanation of grammar, activities and solutions.

What will I learn? In order to learn and improve your language skills you need practice. Our books are classified by topic, so you can choose the area you want to improve and put your knowledge into practice again and again.

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Table of Levels

At www.redkalinka.com you can find a great collection of books created for Russian learners. Each book is graded according to the table below, to be sure that it suits yourknowledge of Russian:

A1 First steps: Very simple phrases and vocabulary. Simple topics easy to understand . You will find only cases of regular nouns.
A2 Basic: The vocabulary is a bit wider, but still easy.  Regular and irregular cases of nouns, adjectives and pronouns.
B1 Intermediate: Longer sentences with more verb tenses and prepositions. We will find all possible cases. Vocabulary is a bit more complicated.
B2 Upper intermediate: Sentences are sometimes complex. Vocabulary is wide. It’s getting closer to an advanced level.
C1 Advanced: For learners with a good knowledge of Russian. Advanced vocabulary and difficult verbs. Sometimes we use idioms and complicated expressions.
C2 Expert: For learners with a very deep knowledge of Russian. Sentences and vocabulary are very advanced, with complicated structures and meanings.

Why learning with us?

We teach only Russian::

Other language schools often spend more than 90% of their time teaching other languages: (Spanish, English, German, French, ...). At Red Kalinka we use 100% of our time to teach Russian. We are experts and you’ll see it.

We teach only Russian:


We have been teaching Russian for many years. During this time, we have taught thousands of lessons to students from over 90 countries. In addition, more than 1,000,000 visitors are a proof of the quality of our learning materials.


We create our own learning materials

We know what you need to learn Russian. With us you will enjoy a huge variety of exclusive learning materials: courses, learning materials, video lessons, audio books...

We create our own learning materials