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We are passionate about teaching Russian. At Red Kalinka you will find a unique learning method, exclusive books to learn Russian and a great team of native teachers.


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Learn Russian with the most comprehensive online system. You will have access to 160 videos, exclusive learning materials and a personal tutor who will answer all your questions. Learn with the best Russian course in the market.

  •  Learn Russian at your own pace
  •  Ask questions by email
  •  160 videos + 400 pages of learning materials

We have learning tools for every Russian student. Let us know about your current level and we'll help you choose.

People from all around the world learn Russian every day with us. From the student who doesn't know the Russian alphabet to those who need to improve their speaking skills. If you need assistance finding the right course or book for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Books to learn Russian: read, listen and learn

Books to learn Russian: read, listen and learn

We are proud to offer the best books to learn Russian. Choose from our catalogue and enjoy: stories graded by level, audiobooks with professional recordings, exercise books...

  •  Audiobooks graded by level.
  •  Exercise books with key.
  •  Visual dictionaries.


Russian exercises online

Sign up for our online Russian exercises and you will have access to thousands of questions sorted by topic and level.

  •  Thousands of questions with different levels and topics.
  •  Exercises for all levels: From beginner to advanced.
  •  Instant correction to know the results of your tests immediately.
  •  Progress bar that registers the results of all your exercises.


Red Kalinka: Red Kalinka - Learn Russian with Us

Behind our courses, books and learning resources you will find our great team. If you are learning Russian as a foreing language, we have the tools to help you.

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Private Russian lessons via Skype

Learn Russian with our personalized lessons. Let us know about your learning needs and we will assign you to one of our native teachers. Even if you are a beginner, you will speak Russian from the start. If you are an intermediate or advanced student, we will adapt each lesson to your level.

  •  Learn from home with native Russian teacher.
  •  One-to-one Russian classes adapted to your level.
  •  We have already taught more than 100,000 lessons.

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Opinión de Liz Schwartz sobre ''

Definitely the most convenient option for those who are working and trying to learn! Very effective, and the instructors are great!

Liz Schwartz (USA).

Opinión de Claudio Jara sobre  ''

Red Kalinka is an excellent place to learn Russian. I am using their video courses since the beginning, and I am very happy with the system. I definitely recommend it.

Claudio Jara (Chile).

Opinión de Jeremy Beloff sobre  ''

Excellent one-to-one teaching with comprehensive learning materials. I can't think of a better or more enjoyable way to learn Russian. Hightly recommended!

Jeremy Beloff (United Kingdom).

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