Learn Russian with us. Red Kalinka is the largest Russian school in the world.


Learn Russian with us. Red Kalinka is the largest school of Russian in the world. We have all you need to learn.Here you’ll find ONE-to-ONE LESSONS   VIDEO LESSONS   BOOKS , educational applications for your telephone, downloadable learning materials...


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Do you want to put your Russian to the test? Sign up for our online Russian exercises and you will have access to thousands of questions sorted by topic and level.

This product is very easy to use: after signing up, we will give you personal access (username and password) to the exercise area. There, you can choose your level and the type of exercise you want to practice. Our team of teachers have created this system of exercises online so that you can practice and improve your Russian like no other place.

Aprende ruso con nuestros ejercicios online


Access thousands of questions of all kinds: Do you want to practice your listening skills? We have dictations. Do you want to practice reading? We have reading comprehension exercises. Do you want to practice writing? We have writing exercises in Russian... And, apart from all this, we have thousands of questions: choose the correct answer, fill in the right Russian case, conjugate verbs, and more!


Classified by levels:
Beginner and intermediate-advanced.

Arranged by subject (theme):
Vocabulary, cases, verbs,...

Different types of exercises:
Writing, dictation, test-type questions.

Thousands of questions:
New questions are added every month.

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How do our Russian online exercises work?

It is very simple. From the first moment you sign up, you will have access to thousands of questions, perfectly organized by level and subject. After registering, we will send you a username and password, which you will use to access the exercise area with the following features:

1. You can choose your level and what you want to practice.

Our exercises are perfectly organized in very simple to use menus. With a couple of clicks, you can choose your level (beginner or intermediate- advanced) and the subject you want to practice (vocabulary, verbs of motion, cases, dictation,...). This image lets you see the simplicity and ease of use of the menus.

Aprende Ruso con los ejercicios online de Redkalinka

2. You will have access to all kinds of exercises

It is very important to learn without getting bored. That is why we have created a large variety of exercises:

Have a look at the image to see a small sample of the variety of our exercises.

Aprende Ruso online con Redkalinka

3. You will have your day-to-day progress under control

Aprende Ruso online con nuestro ejercicios

The results of all your exercises will be saved in different progress bars (in the image we show you a sample). That way, you will always know which exercises you have passed, which ones you have failed (and need to be taken again) and which ones you haven't taken yet. Everything is perfectly recorded and stored to help you move forward day by day.

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for Russian leaners

Other online schools use the same method to teach any language (English, German, Chinese,...). We know that Russian is a language that requires its own teaching method. We have taught thousands of Russian classes to students in 90 countries with our exclusive system and we have used it to develop these online Russian exercises. That is why you will see that each activity is perfectly designed to help Russian learners improve and move forward.