Take One-to-one Russian lessons

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Take One-to-one Russian lessons

Take One-to-one Russian lessons

Do you want to improve your Russian from home? Do you also want to learn at an experienced school? Then you need our One-to-one Russian lessons. Red Kalinka is the largest Russian school in the world, with students from over 90 countries. Our One-to-one Russian lessons are taught by our experienced native tutors. We teach with our own exclusive learning method, that we have already used in over 100,000 classes. Take our One-to-one Russian lessons and enjoy the best way to learn Russian.

  • Classes with native Russian teachers
  • Personalized lessons
  • Learning materials that match you level
  • Learn from home at your own pace

Do you want to take a trial lesson for only 1 euro? We know you'll love our Take One-to-one Russian lessons. Just click the button and enjoy learning Russian with us.

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RED KALINKA - School of Russian

  • 100.000 lessons taught
  • 20 native teachers
  • Students from over 90 countries
  • Exlusive learning materials
  • Choose your schedule 24/7
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What is your current level of Russian? Our One-to-one Russian lessons are designed to suit your needs. From the first day, you will have an assigned teacher who will schedule your classes and follow your progress. We use exclusive learning materials created by our team to ensure your success.

We have thousands of students in more than 90 countries. At Red Kalinka we have learners of all levels: from those who can't read Russian yet, to those who can already hold a normal conversation. Start learning today with our One-to-one Russian lessons. Our experience is the guarantee you need. Trust our team of native Russian teachers and enjoy learning Russian with us.

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Reviews from our students

Liz Schwartz's review about 'Take One-to-one Russian lessons'

Definitely the most convenient option for those who are working and trying to learn! Very effective, and the instructors are great!

Liz Schwartz (USA).

Claudio Jara's review about 'Take One-to-one Russian lessons'

Red Kalinka is an excellent place to learn Russian. I'm taking their video courses since they published them and I'm very happy with the system. I totally recommend it.

Claudio Jara (Chile).

Jeremy Beloff's review about 'Take One-to-one Russian lessons'

Excellent one-to-one teaching with comprehensive learning materials. I can't think of a better or more enjoyable way to learn Russian. Hightly recommended!

Jeremy Beloff (United Kingdom).

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Take One-to-one Russian lessons:
This is the first step to learn the fifth most spoken language in the world
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